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June 21, 2006
San Jose, California

The world’s #1 program for managing comic collections is now available at a price everyone can afford. Presenting: ComicBase Express.

Human Computing’s new ComicBase Express offers everything the serious collector needs at a price that’s sure to delight. It features a massive, built-in database of over 275,000 comics, complete with current pricing from Comics Buyer’s Guide. It also sports over 5,000 cover images; a year of free, downloadable price updates; and the sleek, easy-to-use interface that ComicBase is famous for. Starting at $44.95, it offers all that's needed to manage a serious collection, just without some of the additional features and extras found in the Professional and Archive editions.

“We realize that instead of a luxury performance sedan loaded with all the options, many folks just want a quick, reliable and affordable sport coupe that gets them where they want to go,” said Pete Bickford, chief designer and engineer. “With ComicBase Express, we focused on the essentials, and created a  world-class program at a price every collector in the world can afford.”

ComicBase Express allows users to enter whole runs of comics with a single keystroke, using its huge, built-in database to automatically compute the collection’s total value.
It also prints insurance reports, price lists, price labels, and more. Users can also make use of ComicBase’s barcode support to make entering their comics even easier.

For more on this product, visit the ComicBase Express Product Page. For how it compares to the other versions, please see the ComicBase Features Comparison Chart.



Press Contact:

Shiaw-Ling Lai
Human Computing
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