Thursday, August 18, 2022

Brendan McGinley:

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America Jr. + The Ride Home

America Jr.

Genre: Comedy

A small town discovers that its founding charter contains conditional membership in the American republic. It immediately expires, driving the fledgling nation through the laborious process of developing a national identity and formal government. Writers Nick Capetanakis and Todd Livingston don’t wait till the final panel to drop a joke, and the Fraim brothers, Brendon and Brian, have a crisp, affable style that makes good use of the space allowed them. The storyline really picks up when the dim-witted but politically adept mayor faces a ten-year-old political prodigy for the office of President. This book reprints the web-comic with some extra goodies.

The Ride Home

Genre: Adventure

Nodo is a gnome who lives in a van, at least until a cat evicts him as his home speeds away. In his quest to find it again, he meets a number of fantastic creatures invisible to the human eye, encounters a colony of aggressively proud gnomes, makes a couple new friends, beats up a monster, and rides a cow.

Writer/artist Joey Weiser writes and draws this family-friendly, fun journey, with a well-balanced plot and some good humor. It is that sadly rare thing: a book suitable for all ages, the older as well as the younger.

Brendan McGinley is a long-time writer for ComicBase. His comic favorites include anything featuring Grim Jack, Punisher, Guy Gardner, Green Lantern, or written buy Evan Dorkin, Grant Morrison, Alan Moore, Deadpool… and the list goes on. But he insists he is of discriminating tastes.

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