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Old TV shows turned into comic one-shots. Remember Gold Key’s Avengers and Atom Ant?



Avengers (Gold Key)

Too bad Marvel Comics had already come up with a super-hero team with the same name around the time this popular TV spy show made its American debut in 1966.

The series had been airing in England since 1961, but by the time it became an American hit, the comic book had to be renamed “John Steed and Emma Peel” on the cover, because of the title conflict. This probably had a lot to do with this title only lasting a single issue. Mr. Steed was a secret agent and Mrs. Peel was not — she just had a thirst for adventure. Their relationship was never fully explained, and she was never married to him.

In the years preceding and succeeding the time that this comic book appeared, various other partners accompanied Mr. Steed before the TV series ended in 1969.






Atom Ant

A comic book based on the one of the final shows from Hanna-Barbera’s golden age which lasted from approximately 1958-1967 before they sold the company to Taft.

Atom Ant originally appeared on The Atom Ant Show from 1965-67, before being paired up with Secret Squirrel in separate adventures in 1967-68.

Atom Ant was probably inspired by DC’s The Atom and Marvel’s Antman and may have become the inspiration for the 80s New Wave sensation Adam Ant (“Goody Two Shoes”).

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