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Chamber of Chills + Clues

EC’s horror success inspired a bevy of emulators, including these two Chamber of… titles from Harvey. Not to be missed for Harvey or EC horror fans alike.


Chamber of Chills

When EC Comics had great success with their horror titles such as Tales From the Crypt, it would inevitably not be too long before competing publishers would follow suit.

Harvey Comics did their share with this title, as well as Witches Tales, Black Cat Mystery and Tomb of Terror and are now generally considered the worthiest contender to the EC throne of the best horror comics published in the genre.

The comics code put an end to this, and this title was replaced by Chamber of Clues before Harvey moved onto other things like Richie Rich. Not to be confused with the 70s Marvel title of the same name.







Chamber of Clues

Chamber of Clues was Harvey’s bland follow up to the much more interesting Chamber of Chills.

As the Comics Code went into effect, many titles and genres were affected. In the case of Harvey, the word “chills” was deemed to excessive, so the much tamer “clues” replaced it and the stories were given a more mysterious angle as opposed to horror. Many other publishers followed suit as DC toned down its House of Mystery and Marvel toned down its Tales of Suspense instead of canceling them.

A disappointing era for comic books that didn’t fully recover for over 30 years when Code restrictions loosened up and the Code itself wasn’t seen as relevant.







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