Thursday, October 21, 2021

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Death of Groo + Dudley Do-Right

What do Dudley Do-Right and Groo have in common? Well, they’re both thick-as-bricks heroes trying to do the right thing while driving everyone else around them to distraction (or worse) with their “good deeds.” Mark Arnold reviews.

Death of Groo

He didn’t really die.

That doesn’t give anything away as the reader finds this out at the beginning of the story. It’s just that everyone thinks that Groo is dead and the amusing results occur with what various people do with the information.

Groo, of course, spends the whole time trying to convince everyone that he is still around, but isn’t very successful.

You’ll have to read it to find out how everything straightens out in this, the first Groo graphic novel. Followed by The Life of Groo.







Dudley Do-Right

Dudley Do-Right, the imbecilic Canadian mountie originally appeared as a segment of The Bullwinkle Show.

Later, those segments were repackaged with different supporting segments and released as The Dudley Do-Right Show. At the time, Charlton had the license to the Jay Ward properties and issued this book at the same time as their Rocky and Bullwinkle title.

Told in the style of an old-fashioned melodrama, Do-Right tells the story of a mountie who always gets his man with the aid of his horse Horse, and his girlfriend Nell, who defeats the nefarious Snidely Whiplash, usually by shear dumb luck.







Mark Arnold is a comic book and animation historian and a writing, art, and film/video production professional. He writes comic books and articles on comic books and animation for various publications in addition to scripts, short stories and novels. He is also skilled in sales, marketing and promotion, and has film and TV production experience with digital video, video tape, and film. He has many online websites including Fun Ideas, Mark's Rare Comics, The Harveyville Fun Times!, So Rare!, and Food Shop. He also writes an (almost) daily blog and writes and draws a weekly comic strip called Protecto, the Little Robot. For the curious, Mark can be reached online at Whew!

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