Thursday, October 21, 2021

Mark Arnold:

Real Heroes

From a circus pinhead to Keep on Truckin’, Mark Arnold takes an underground detour with these reviews of titles from the likes of Robert Crumb and Bill Griffith.


Are We Having Fun Yet?

One of the various compilations of strips featuring Bill Griffith’s highly popular but equally bizarre Zippy the Pinhead comic strip that has appeared in both underground and above ground sources.

Zippy was based on a circus freak from long ago named Zip with some modifications, none of which were his mental capacity. Zippy has adventures with such characters as the angry Mr. Toad, occasional wife Zerbina, and Griffy himself.

Some strips are hysterically funny while others are similarly confusing. His website has information on how to understand Zippy at







Complete Crumb Comics

Robert Crumb is a true living legend of the underground comic book, known for such iconic cartoons as his Keep on Truckin’ strip, the Big Brother and the Holding Company featuring Janis Joplin album cover called Cheap Thrills, and Fritz the Cat. There was even a movie about Crumb called, appropriately, Crumb.

This series attempts to print everything that Crumb has ever done from childhood on up. All of the aforementioned cartoons are here in various volumes and this series is definitely open-ended as Crumb continues to produce new material. This is a good way to get all of Crumb’s work in a cohesive and high-quality format.







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