Thursday, October 21, 2021

Mark Arnold:

Real Heroes

Mark Arnold reviews three titles from the Ignatz series of magazine-sized graphic novels new from Fantagraphics.




Another edition of the multi-issue Ignatz series of magazine-sized graphic novels.

Apart from a small prologue on the opening page, Chimera is told in pantomime and is a book length dream sequence that is drawn in varying styles to underline the different stages of the dream, and to emit a different emotion from the reader. The dream starts off rather light, and as the story goes on, it gets darker and darker. It’s more of a exercise in moods and tones rather than having a true plot, but is interesting nonetheless.









The fifth book of the Ignatz collection of magazine-sized graphic novels, Ganges features Glenn Ganges, who’s adventures are told with the lyrics of such popular songs as The Beatles’ “She’s Leaving Home” and The Yardbirds’ “Ten Little Indians” among others.

The stories are deceptively simple, with artwork that’s straight out of an Archie-type book, but it makes you think about concepts as diverse as life, death, time, and déjà vu.










This is the fourth book in the Ignatz collection, a series of magazine-sized graphic novels.

Kind of like the Jimmy Stewart movie Harvey, but told from the rabbit’s point of view. The unnamed rabbit observes the behavior of a number of different people and comments on their lives. The rabbit is very versatile; he can change size and shape in order to accommodate his various surroundings and can move through walls. The end of the story reveals his ultimate purpose.

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