Thursday, October 21, 2021

Mark Arnold:

Real Heroes

Everyone’s a comedian, and now they all have their own comics! TwoMorrows takes Pete Von Sholly’s comic-world parodies to print with Comic Book Nerd, and then, Cracked returns as a brand-new magazine in the vein of National Lampoon.


Comic Book Nerd

After tackling Famous Monsters of Filmland type magazines with his last parody publication Crazy Hip Groovy Go-Go Way Out Monsters, Pete Von Sholly tackles the world of comic book fan publications. Scathing parodies of The Comics Journal, Wizard, Alter Ego, Comic Book Artist, Comic Buyer’s Guide, Previews, and many others appear in short 3-5 page pieces.

Very, very funny if you’re familiar with the source material and remember the sad fate of Charlatan (Charlton) Comics:

“Comics so lousy they were thrown away by the kids themselves!”







Cracked is back! This time the new owners have decided to take things in a different direction. Instead of being a direct rip-off of Mad, they’ve decided to be a direct rip-off of National Lampoon and Maxim. Now it has full color glossy pages with advertising.

Does it work? Yeah. Especially since the now tired old Mad is having an identity crisis on who its target audience is. (Why do you think they created Mad Kids anyway?)





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