Thursday, October 21, 2021

Mark Arnold:

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Mark Arnold reviews Swamp Preacher + Seadogs

Swamp Preacher

A creepy looking tale about a evangelist who rises out of the swamp that resembles a cross between one of those arty concert posters and those old Chick religious comic book giveaways. Carl Bob, the evangelist realizes that he has to go back to his swamp roots in order to be reborn and become the Swamp Preacher. The tale is somewhat bizarre and cluttered, but at the same time quite amusing and rewarding for those willing to “slog” through the strangeness to get through to the morality play.


With all the recent popularity of the two Disney Pirates of the Caribbean feature films, pirates are now all the rage. Seadogs is a comedic take with dogs as pirates. This book-length graphic novel takes things one step further, by finding their inspiration from the Pirates of Penzance, including operatic interludes included between pieces of pirate action. The effect is strangely successful, but requires the reader’s familiarity with the songs being parodied for it to work most effectively. Overall, it is quite an amusing read.

Mark Arnold is a comic book and animation historian and a writing, art, and film/video production professional. He writes comic books and articles on comic books and animation for various publications in addition to scripts, short stories and novels. He is also skilled in sales, marketing and promotion, and has film and TV production experience with digital video, video tape, and film. He has many online websites including Fun Ideas, Mark's Rare Comics, The Harveyville Fun Times!, So Rare!, and Food Shop. He also writes an (almost) daily blog and writes and draws a weekly comic strip called Protecto, the Little Robot. For the curious, Mark can be reached online at Whew!

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