Thursday, October 21, 2021

Mark Arnold:

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Goosebumps + The Origin of Sparky


Before Scholastic had success with Harry Potter, they had another runaway success with the Goosebumps series of watered-down horror tales similar in style, but somewhat less gruesome than the classic EC horror comics from the 1950s. While the original Goosebumps series was completely prose, these graphic novels are closer to their EC-inspired origins. The major difference is that there is not a central host character in each tale, but this is inconsequential. If you like EC’s or similar fare like Stephen King’s Creepshow, check this series out.

The Origin of Sparky

Sparky, who looks like a long lost relative of Felix the Cat, is featured in this “jam” comic, meaning it’s written and drawn by a number of different people who only see the previous page and not the entire story. This makes for a quite bizarre and somewhat surreal tale of literally the origins of Sparky the Cat. A vast canvas of styles in art and writing await you that has numerous twists and turns. You will not be disappointed.

Mark Arnold is a comic book and animation historian and a writing, art, and film/video production professional. He writes comic books and articles on comic books and animation for various publications in addition to scripts, short stories and novels. He is also skilled in sales, marketing and promotion, and has film and TV production experience with digital video, video tape, and film. He has many online websites including Fun Ideas, Mark's Rare Comics, The Harveyville Fun Times!, So Rare!, and Food Shop. He also writes an (almost) daily blog and writes and draws a weekly comic strip called Protecto, the Little Robot. For the curious, Mark can be reached online at Whew!

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