Thursday, October 21, 2021

Mark Arnold:

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Katy Keene + Jonny Quest

Katy Keene (1st Series)

In an interesting change of pace for Archie Publications, 1949 saw the debut of Katy Keene, a fashion model series written and drawn by Bill Woggon. What set Katy apart from Archie is the number of “fashion” pages featuring cutouts of various outfits that one could dress Katy. This has resulted in some scarcity of mint issues as many copies have had their pages removed. The stories were more straight than humorous as well.

Over the years, Katy has developed a cult following, returning to the comic book shelves numerous times since its original 1961 cancellation.

Jonny Quest (Gold Key)

Though Jonny Quest was a fondly remembered Hanna-Barbera action-adventure animated series from 1964, there was only one comic book issued during the show’s original run, and as a result the value of the book has gone up quite considerably. In the late 80s, a more successful comic book series was produced by Comico. This series had a more stylized comic book look to it, provided by artist George Wildey. It concerns the adventures of youth Jonny, his father Dr. Benton Quest, pilot Race Bannon, and friend Hadji, along with their dog, Bandit.

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