Thursday, October 21, 2021

Mark Arnold:

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The Adventures of Dexter Breakfast + Terr’ble Thompson

The Adventures of Dexter Breakfast

Genre: Comedy, Western

The first comic book to star a wombat cowboy, if you can imagine that! Fans of children’s comics like Bone or Little Lulu should enjoy this series, as there is a lot of action and humor, and it’s presented in a simplified way. The pacing is somewhat like a flipbook as numerous panels repeat the same information with only minor variation for good effect. By the end of the obligatory gun battle, Dexter becomes the new sheriff and his ongoing tales begin.

Terr’ble Thompson

Genre: Comedy

Touted as “the most obscure comic strip of the 1950s”, Terr’ble Thompson was a creation of Oscar-winning animator and cartoonist, Gene Deitch. The comic strip itself only survived for about six months during 1955-56, but has now become a cult classic, featuring “the real-great adventures of Terr’ble Thompson, the bravest, fiercest, most-best, hero in history!” Thompson actually performed all of the great events in history. Though the strip and character were a flop, the characterization reemerged in 1957 in animated form as Tom Terrific, who eventually graced his own comic book as well. A must for animation and comic strip historians.

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