Thursday, October 21, 2021

Mark Arnold:

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American Wasteland + City of Others

American Wasteland

Genre: Horror

The adventures of a truck driver and the weird creatures and characters he encounters while traveling across country including a kid that only seems to utter the word “sumbitch”, as well as a werewolf and a zombie. It’s a very moody piece filled with suspense and intrigue that will leave you guessing as to where it’s heading. The story is also sprinkled with elements of humor and is highly recommended for fans of stranger types of horror films or comic books.

City of Others

Genre: Horror

The most striking revelation of this title is the use of Bernie Wrightson’s pencils as the final artwork. This gives the book a little bit of roughness, but with it you can really see the details of Wrightson’s line work instead of having it obscured by someone else’s pen line. Not only does this book feature one of the all time greats of the horror comics’ biz, it also features one of the hottest writers of the genre, Steven Niles.

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