Thursday, October 21, 2021

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Marvel Zombies: Dead Days + India Authentic

Marvel Zombies: Dead Days

Genre: Horror, Super-heroes

The term “Marvel Zombies” was coined back in the 1980s to describe a group of comic book fanboys (or girls) who would buy anything that Marvel published because it was published by Marvel regardless of content. The nickname stuck until as a joke, someone at Marvel thought, “Wouldn’t it be fun if instead of ‘Marvel Zombies’ meaning the fans, it actually meant the Marvel super-heroes had gone ‘zombie’!” Soon, the Marvel heroes were no more, as they all became flesh-eating monsters and started battling each other. The one-note joke is actually presented quite well and would have made a fine addition to the old What If? series.

India Authentic

Genre: History

Author and speaker Deepak Chopra presents this series detailing the history of the various Hindu gods such as Ganesha, the elephant god, and Kalin. In the Ganesha book, for example, Chopra explains that Ganesha is one of the more popular archetypal expressions. The elephant is the symbol for his large flapping ears shows that he is a deep listener, his long trunk shows power and discernment, and his two tusks, one broken and the other whole, shows that life comes in pairs of opposites. The history is told about how Ganesha changed from being a living elephant to becoming and elephant god. Eloquent artwork by Satish Tayade complements the story.

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