Thursday, October 21, 2021

Mark Arnold:

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Spider-Man Omnibus + Batman: The Dailies

Amazing Spider-Man Omnibus

Genre: Super-heroes

Wow, $99.95 for a comic book! Well yes and no. This phone book size compilation literally gathers the first three volumes of the previously issued Marvel Masterpiece Series, which in turn compiled the first 30+ issues of Amazing Spider-Man and its various annuals and other accompanying issues. It’s cheaper than buying the original printings and it is on high-gloss paper with no ads and with new introductions by Stan Lee. It features virtually all of Steve Ditko’s amazing artwork output in a single volume. This is classic stuff and belongs on any serious comic book fans bookshelf.

Batman: The Dailies

Genre: Super-hero

Following in the footsteps of the reprinted Superman comic strips, this book is a compilation of three books originally published separately: Batman The Dailies Volume 1: 1943-1944; Volume 2: 1944-1945; and Volume 3: 1945-1946. The storylines here are similar to, but completely independent of the ongoing Batman comic book series. Typically, Batman creator Bob Kane penciled these serialized adventures, while other hands handled the inking and writing chores. Extensive biographical information about Kane, Batman and this strip fill out the book and is a must for any Batman completist.

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