Thursday, October 21, 2021

Mark Arnold:

Real Heroes

Spider-Man Omnibus + Batman: The Dailies

First in Space

Genre: Non-fiction, Drama

The biographical story of Ham, the first monkey to fly into space in 1959, beating humans by three years. The space race was on. The Russians had already sent up a dog into space. A “PETA” stance is taken with the book, but honestly without the sacrifices of the animals sent up on these sometimes-tragic missions, man would have never landed on the moon. The book concludes with the end of animal testing for space travel purposes and shows what happened to Ham after it was all over. (Don’t worry, it’s a happy ending.)

Mark Arnold is a comic book and animation historian and a writing, art, and film/video production professional. He writes comic books and articles on comic books and animation for various publications in addition to scripts, short stories and novels. He is also skilled in sales, marketing and promotion, and has film and TV production experience with digital video, video tape, and film. He has many online websites including Fun Ideas, Mark's Rare Comics, The Harveyville Fun Times!, So Rare!, and Food Shop. He also writes an (almost) daily blog and writes and draws a weekly comic strip called Protecto, the Little Robot. For the curious, Mark can be reached online at Whew!

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