Thursday, October 21, 2021

Mark Arnold:

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The Phantom Blot + Bozo (2nd Series)

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The Phantom Blot

Genre: Comedy

Every major cartoon and comic book character has had its adversaries from Lex Luthor in Superman to the Green Goblin in Spider-Man. In the case of Mickey Mouse, it was originally Pete the cat in the animated cartoons, but in the comic books there developed a mysterious black blobular adversary known as The Phantom Blot, who closely resembled another mysterious character, The Shadow. Blot also became a chief opponent of Goofy as Supergoof, who makes his first appearance in this series.

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Bozo (2nd Series)

Genre: Comedy

Bozo the Clown was originally a creation of Capitol Records and starred in a number of Capitol Record Readers throughout the 1940s and 50s. Bozo's popularity was so great, that he became the symbol for Capitol's children record line. Later on, in the 50s, Bozo achieved a second wave of fame when Larry Harmon purchased the rights to the character and produced a series of animated cartoons as well as a highly successful weekday children's TV show that ran for decades in different markets around the country, each with its own individual Bozo.

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