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What was he thinking? T he G.I. Joe’s have fallen apart but maybe facing a devastating new enemy will pull them back together in volume two of the G.I. Joe comic from Devil’s Due. Then Paul Moves Out with humor and nostalgia in the newest autobiographical tale from creator Michael Rabagliati. ComicBase columnist Joseph Self offers us his takes on these new comics in this week’s rendering of Selfish Thoughts.

G.I. Joe Comic Book (Vol. 2)

Once they were America’s most elite anti-terrorist strike force. But a year ago, the “Union of the Snake” and “Red Shadows” storylines left the G.I. Joe team in shambles, both physically and emotionally.

When a disaster of 9/11 proportions hits Chicago, however, the Joes scramble to join the relief efforts, even as an old, familiar face becomes their new team leader. At first, the epic devastation is believed to be a tragic and deadly accident, the result of an extreme technological failure. But then another city suffers a similar fate. And then another… and another, and it becomes obvious that America itself is under siege.

Is the evil of Cobra back, or is it a new foe? Either way, it looks to be the greatest challenge the Joes’ have ever faced… assuming, that is, that they can pull together again to become the team they used to be.





Paul Moves Out

In this presumably autobiographical tale, aspiring artist Paul stumbles further along the rocky road to adulthood. Although set several years after Paul Has a Summer Job (leaping from awkward teenager to live-in girlfriend), flashbacks adeptly reveal the intervening pivotal moments.

Creator Rabagliati makes the story of Paul’s journey identifiable to all readers by including both joyously uplifting and painfully crushing familiar experiences: the awkwardness of a first kiss; the pain of losing a beloved relative; the joy of a first apartment, and the fear of the overbearing landlord.

We remember the excitement of a first job, but understand the drudgery when it turns into a career. And though we may not admit it, most of us probably have a homosexual “close encounter” of our own to tell, too.

Shrewdly, we are left wondering whether Paul and his girlfriend will continue down the road together or go their separate ways…

From his secret Rocky Mountain refuge 9200 feet above the world, Joe indulges his passion for comics and other alternate realities, including his own. A long-time writer for ComicBase, his name is a veritable pun generator. You can e-mail your questions and suggestions to Joe at

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