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Portals and dragons and knights, oh my! Donald Duck and company travel through time into a medieval era in the World of the Dragonlords trade paperback. Then, a young man embraces a destiny for knighthood in Alias's new fantasy title, ArmorQuest.

ArmorQuest: Genesis

Despite his humble peasant background, young Timothy’s life is destined for greatness. Unfortunately, it’s also plagued by dragons.

As a child, his father was killed by one, the details shrouded in mystery. Years later, another dragon terrorized his village, the life of a knight the price of it’s defeat. Timothy, as amazed as he was confused, received the slain hero’s sword.

Barely a year later, Eagle Riders battle yet more dragons in the skies near Timothy’s home. When he realizes a fallen, wounded dragon still endangers his village, Timothy bravely (and perhaps foolishly) sets forth to finish the beast. After all, he thinks, if not me, then who?

With those five prophetic words, Timothy embraces his destiny, and soon after leaves his familiar life behind. Joined by two wayward warriors and armed with magical weapons he doesn’t understand, he begins his quest to join the Knights of the Way.






World of the Dragonlords (Walt Disney’s…)

Life is often bizarre for Donald Duck, Uncle Scrooge, and nephews Huey, Dewey & Louie, so it isn’t surprising when a family picnic goes awry!

Yanked through an inter-dimensional portal, the gang goes where no duck has gone before: smack in the middle of a war between dragon-riding barbarians and strange creatures called humans.

Originally designed to be serialized in Germany’s weekly Micky Maus, Dragonlords did not see print until 2003 in Donald Duck Sonderheft, a monthly fanzine. It was later published in Italy and Finland before finally being released by Gemstone in the USA .

Despite years devoted to the book, writer Byron Erickson (former Gladstone editor who ‘discovered’ Don Rosa and William van Horn) admits he preferred Mickey Mouse over the Ducks. Sadly, this favoritism shows, as this story, which is strongly reminiscent of classic Mickey and Goofy adventures, falls a little flat as a Duck family tale.

From his secret Rocky Mountain refuge 9200 feet above the world, Joe indulges his passion for comics and other alternate realities, including his own. A long-time writer for ComicBase, his name is a veritable pun generator. You can e-mail your questions and suggestions to Joe at

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