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Cavewoman gets a slightly-off 10-year-anniversary special, and must fight to save an entire town of chronologically misplaced travelers like herself. Then, Roman loyalties are tested in the epic story of the Last Battle, as two friends on opposite sides of the fight are pitted against each other.

Cavewoman Reloaded

In honor of the 10th anniversary of Budd Root’s original Cavewoman debut (I know, 1994, 2005… you do the math since apparently Budd didn’t), this reprint series puts the scantily-clad, incredibly buxom dino-bashing babe back in the spotlight. As an added bonus, each issue features several pages of new work that complement and expand on the original story:

Trapped 70,000,000 years from home, Meriem has been doing quite well on her own, especially considering that her only human companion is dead and the closest thing she has to friends are a family of horn-headed styracosaurs. But her pleasant little “vacation” suddenly gets serious when an entire town - people, buildings, pets, the whole shebang - quite literally pops out of nowhere. Now she’s all that stands between a horde of hungry dinosaurs and their equivalent of a fast-food restaurant!







The Last Battle

In 52 BC, the Celtic king Vercingetorix succumbed to Julius Caesar’s forces following the siege of Alesia . But the victory was incomplete, for a ragtag band of rebel holdouts, led by Cammius, a barbarian who himself once fought for Rome, evaded all attempts to defeat them.

To fight fire with fire, and to test the man’s true loyalties, Caesar dispatches his favorite general, Caius Rodius, to bring down the rebels. Who better, he reasons, than the man who taught Cammius the very skills he now uses to defy Rome?

Far from the sparkling glory of Hollywood’s Rome, Rodius and his small band of warriors pursue his former student and friend through the wild and untamed countryside. And all the while, Rodius, torn between duty and friendship, wonders whether the “road of stone and blood” that is the way of Rome’s soldiers is still a path he can continue to follow.



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