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In Legends of Darkwood, Unicorn Town is under attack by a ... fire breathing unicorn? And Alice of Wonderland teams up with Pinnochio, Little Red Riding Hood, Treasure island’s Jim Hawkins, and the Pied Piper’s son on a journey to Oz to save the world of Lullaby… What’s going on? Read Joseph Self’s review to find out why you shouldn't miss these two unusual takes on the worlds of fantasy fiction.

Legends from Darkwood: High Times and Small Crimes

Legends from Darkwood introduced a world full of the magical effects and mythical creatures expected in a good fantasy story. What it didn’t show were brave heroes on noble quests, or savagely Evil armies quashed by stalwart forces of Good, or even romantic maidens-in-distress saving their virtue for Prince Charming. No, Darkwood is a gritty, tarnished and, ultimately, more real version of the typical land of make-believe, where the aforementioned maidens use their virginity to entrap hapless unicorns to supply the local Kwick-Unicorn-Burger (now with drive-thru!).

But even as the tactlessly-named Unicorn Town suffers the retaliatory wrath of a vengeful fire-breathing unicorn, down-and-out rock stars-turned-thieves Mr. Spike and Casper, along with their dead pal Atlas, attempt the biggest heist of their mostly pathetic criminal careers… all in an effort to rekindle the flames of their former celebrity lifestyles.





Lullaby (Vol. 2)

Hand of the Queen of Hearts. Champion of Wonderland. Determined and resourceful, Alice is barely recognizable as the frightened little girl who originally tumbled into the strange world of Lullaby. But despite her seeming acceptance of her new life, she still yearns for her misplaced childhood, prompting an impulsive quest to discover the nature of a mysterious evil threatening Lullaby’s myriad fantasy kingdoms. Secretly, she hopes that if something new has gotten in, it might also mean a way out.

Joined by a rather ragtag band of fellow adventurers, including Treasure Island’s brash Jim Hawkins, the Pied Piper’s brooding son, a lupine Red Riding Hood, and a pitiable Pinocchio, Alice soon discovers that the encroaching evil is indeed real, and even worse, that it is corrupting her companions as well! Battling both time and powerful opponents, the fellowship’s journey eventually leads to an unexpected source in the land of Oz.



From his secret Rocky Mountain refuge 9200 feet above the world, Joe indulges his passion for comics and other alternate realities, including his own. A long-time writer for ComicBase, his name is a veritable pun generator. You can e-mail your questions and suggestions to Joe at

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