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Kevin returns again, and this time he may have to save the life of one of his least-favorite super-heroes! Will Kevin have to leave the British Secret Service, or buckle down and save the day?

The Authority: The Magnificent Kevin

Hanging out with the super-powered members of The Authority has never been one of Kev Hawkins’ favorite pastimes. Small wonder, since he was once assigned to kill each and every one of them (as told in The Authority: Kev). You can imagine, then, how happy he is, when he’s faced with the moral dilemma of either salvaging his career in the British Secret Service, or saving the life of his least favorite hero, Midnighter.

While he’s mulling the pros and cons, flashbacks reveal some of the less-than-virtuous choices Kev has already made in his life, highlighting his journey from a rebellious but fun-loving young soldier to a hard-hearted S.A.S. killing machine.

… Just a hunch, but Midnighter probably shouldn’t make any long-range plans.





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