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Marvel Milestones pays tribute to Steve Ditko’s work in Dragon Lord, Speedball,& The Man in the Sky, and Dark Horse releases ArchEnemies, a super-hero comedy Joseph Self calls: “best book to hit the stands since Top 10 and Fables”!


Marvel Milestones: Dragon Lord, Speedball,& The Man in the Sky

With over 50 years of experience (including super-hero, sci-fi, horror and romance comics) Steve Ditko is one of the most famous and prolific artists in the industry. He is probably best known, however, for being co-creator of Marvel’s most popular character, Spider-Man, as well as many of the webslinger’s deadliest enemies. Given that, it is not surprising that Marvel released this special tribute to Ditko’s work.

Harder to understand are the stories representing that tribute:

Marvel Spotlight’s Dragon Lord was an uninspired character whose monstrous adversary was an equally uninspiring Godzilla knock-off.

Speedball’s short-lived series was only slightly more memorable, but at least generated enough interest to catapult the bouncy hero into the New Warriors.

The inclusion of 1962’s The Man in the Sky is easiest to comprehend. Arguably Marvel’s first mutant story, it perhaps paved the way for their incredibly successful X-Men franchise.




Star Fighter and Underlord: one the heroic (often accidentally) hope for a better world; the other his fiendishly evil (usually inept) nemesis. Two powerful beings, each dedicated to the others’ defeat.

Ethan and Vincent: one a popular, blemish-free ladies-man; the other an introverted, sallow-skinned, presumed virgin. Two roommates, each dedicated to the others’ eviction.

What could they possibly have in common, you ask? In the ultimate comic coincidence (amazingly, it hasn’t happened before), we discover party-boy Ethan is in fact Star Fighter, and neurotic Vincent is in fact Underlord. Amazingly (again!), neither is aware of the other’s secret!

How long can two sworn enemies live and battle together, without discovering the truth? More importantly, even if they did, would either one willingly give up a rent-controlled apartment?

Funny and intelligent, this comic is the best book to hit the stands since Top 10 and Fables.



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