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Ditko’s early (and wilder) work in popular horror and sci-fi comics is collected in this tome of gruesome tales and chilling titles.


Steve Ditko’s The Thing and Other Stories

As co-creator of Spider-Man and Dr. Strange, Steve Ditko is considered one of the greatest comics creators of all time. But he first established himself nearly a decade earlier, in the Horror and Science Fiction comics that were so popular in the Fifties.

With nearly half the material presented originally published prior to the introduction of the Comics Code, which heavily restricted an artist’s imagination, this collection highlights Ditko’s wild ideas and even wilder images. The Code’s influence is evident in the second half of this anthology, however, where the less gruesome stories tend to end optimistically, particularly when compared against the lead story’s bloody twist on Cinderella .

Collecting tales from such chilling titles as The Thing!, Mysteries of Unknown Worlds, Do you Believe in Nightmares?, and others, this book also features as an introduction an excerpt from Blake Bell’s Steve Ditko: The Mysterious Traveler (Fantagraphics, 2007).





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