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Mythology, history, and action collide in this fantasy epic offering from Alias. Bren and Bera may be the destined “Twinblades” that will save the kingdom, but can these two learn to embrace their destiny before it’s too late?


TwinBlades: The Killing Words

Bren and Bera have been trained in the craft of war by their father since they were barely able to walk, their abilities surpassing even many of the male warriors in their small kingdom. Because of their great skills and physical similarities, the sisters are thought by some to be the “Twinblades” of prophecy, a daunting concept that neither is willing to accept.

But when their country’s enemies gain the power of a mysterious and deadly otherworldly weapon, known only as the Killing Words, the sisters soon realize that only great heroes such as those foretold can save their people. And when the secrets about their own true parentage are finally revealed, fulfilling the final pieces of the legend, they know they must finally embrace their destiny… no matter the cost to themselves!

This is a fun fantasy adventure with plenty of classic sword-and-sorcery action.



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