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Ben Templesmith, the distinctive viewpoint behind the look of IDW’s Fell and 30 Days of Night, brings his unique style to this “love-it-or-leave-it” book of collected artwork, both previously published and unpublished.


Tommyrot: The Art of Ben Templesmith

Tommyrot, meaning “utter foolishness and nonsense,” seems inappropriate when describing the work of a man enjoying such success and popularity. Best known for Fell and 30 Days of Night (which had film studios battling over rights), Templesmith’s work has also graced book covers, movie posters and trading cards.

Although Templesmith himself admits his style is a love-it-or-leave-it experience (with fans used to mainstream comics not necessarily appreciating his less-refined look), it seems exceptionally suited to the horror genre. His unique portrayal of vampires, with their shark-like, macabre features, has rapidly become the standard representation of the classic monster.

Not surprisingly, the majority of the images in this collection, which includes previously unpublished paintings, are of vampires. Progressive scenes, from pencil sketches to color finals, show Templesmith’s arduous artistic process—unlike many artists, he still draws everything by hand, only using computers during the coloring stage (which he also does himself).

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