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The Muse gives readers a glimpse into the inspirations for high fantasy modeling by showcasing fashion designer/runway model/Playboy vixen Veronika Kotlagic’s impressive body of work in the field for the last six years. Then, Liber Nercris delves into the realm of Warhammer necromancy in an extensive volume and reference that is “must have” for fans of the game.


The Muse (Heavy Metal)

Even if you don’t know her name, chances are you’ll recognize the face… or the body… especially if you’re a fan of Heavy Metal magazine, fantasy art, or erotic pin-ups. Veronika Kotlagic has provided inspiration and modeled for hundreds of renowned photographers and artists (including Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell, Lorenzo Sperlonga, David Bloomquist, Dorian Cleavenger, and Michael Rosen), in a wide range of artistic styles including fantasy, fetish, glamour, even Playboy centerfolds. In addition, Veronika has been very successful as a designer, specializing in fetish and fantasy clothing, and has transitioned from modeling to running her own international company, Narcisse Designs. She describes herself as a “cutting edge… fashion designer, runway/fashion/Playboy model, artists muse, award winning web designer and art gallery owner.”

This collection features paintings, photos, and digital art from over six years of modeling, and reflects both her personal creativity and inspirational influence on others.





Liber Necris

Vampires, skeletons, zombies and ghouls: even in the fantasy world of Warhammer, with all manner of supernatural creatures, few things induce as much terror as the living dead. Powered by the darkest magical forces, such creatures have only one purpose: to seek out and destroy the life force of those still living!

Presented as an ancient tome written by the dread Count Mannfred von Carstein, Lord of Sylvania, this grimoire explores the history of the undead creatures plaguing Warhammer’s Old World, and reveals many necromantic secrets previously thought lost.

Warhammer has been a popular RPG for more than two decades, generating companion games, trading cards, books, and even comics (Warhammer Monthly). This immensely detailed, full-color book (in reality, written by Marijan von Staufer, who also compiled Liber Chaotica Complete) is an invaluable repository of knowledge, and a must-have for all fans of the role-playing game.

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