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Two of the X-Men’s greatest foes face-off centuries before the X-Men are even conceived in this clash of the titans in 19th-century London. Then, from new-publisher Narwain comes the story of Grunland and the fight to keep the secrets of an imprisoned race of evil away from the grasp of greedy hands.


X-Men: Apocalypse/Dracula

Apocalypse: immortal mutant that’s plagued civilization for centuries. Dracula: the deadliest vampire to ever walk the earth. Both have fought the X-Men, but Apocalypse, with his vision of a mutant-dominated world, has become one of their deadliest foes.

The problem? Apocalypse has hardly any history prior to his relatively recent emergence. This series pits him against one of the most feared characters of all time, establishes much-needed retro-continuity, and preludes Blood Of Apocalypse.

The two villains have been enemies since the Crusades, when Dracula, as Vlad the Impaler, was still human. Later, in 19-century London, Dracula systematically hunts the members of Clan Akkaba, a group of Apocalypse’s descendants. Normally, Apocalypse wouldn’t interfere, knowing the worthy would survive. But letting a “supernatural abomination” eliminate the “next step in evolution,” is not part of his plan. Unfortunately, when two such powerful opponents clash, the entire world is bound to suffer!





In the remote land of Grunland, an ancient race has imprisoned an evil demonic force for centuries. This evil is so corruptive written records are strictly forbidden, lest it is inadvertently released. Instead, the Ar Ze’s knowledge has been preserved through spoken word and secret rituals. Unfortunately, memory is fragile, and the Ar Ze’s powers have greatly diminished. Magic once shared by all now rests with only a few. But even some of these have lost true belief, and protective barriers now crumble, releasing demons so powerful their victims become their undead slaves!

To make matters worse, Rome and Japan have learned of Grunland’s hidden power, and each nation is determined to claim that power themselves. Caught between their ancient adversaries and two invading armies, the Ar Ze may well be destroyed completely. And if the last of their magic fails, what hope is there to ever contain the demons again?


From his secret Rocky Mountain refuge 9200 feet above the world, Joe indulges his passion for comics and other alternate realities, including his own. A long-time writer for ComicBase, his name is a veritable pun generator. You can e-mail your questions and suggestions to Joe at

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