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Mystery, crime, and super-heroes collide in this title from 30 Days of Night: Dead Space writer Dan Wickline, with a story that turns upon itself before you know it—


I Am Spartacus

When corporate espionage escalates to murder, former cop Tiffany Munday is assigned to the case. Unfortunately, every clue creates a larger mystery: one that involves a super-powered vigilante, a CEO with his own amazing powers, and Tiffany’s questionable past as well. The victims, all high-ranking execs, were all involved in the corporation’s dirtier activities. Their killer, named for a classic movie of rebellion, possesses knowledge that only an insider could possibly have. Even with the rising body count, the line distinguishing the good guys from the bad blurs, and Tiffany begins to suspect that Spartacus, despite his bloody methods, isn’t the real villain at all. It’s a theory she may never get to test…

Writer Dan Wickline (30 Days of Night: Dead Space), founder and former editor-in-chief of Comic World News, does a great job of blending the super-hero genre with classic mystery and suspense.



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