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J.C. Vaughn tackles crime with this smart, funny take about two capable female detectives in a male-dominated genre.


Crime Scenes: A McCandless & Company Reader

Tired of being the token females at their firm, Carey and Jessica start their own private investigation business. Normally, that’s no easy task, but luckily for them, they can tap the resources of Carey’s multi-billion dollar corporation if things get tough. Rounding out their club is aspiring writer David, who not only acts as their secretary, researcher and back-up detective, but narrates the story as well (oh yeah, he’s sometimes Jess’s boyfriend, too, at least when no one else is available).

Not only are J.C. Vaughn’s (24, Shi) stories funny, they are also intelligently written, often gritty and suspenseful, sometimes a little romantic, and generally feel “real.”

Wrapping 94 pages of new material around a story originally published in 2001, this graphic novel also features the work of several contributing artists, including Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, Michael Oeming, Gene Gonzales, and Chris Chua, among others.



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