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Joseph Self kicks off 2007 with a series of Lady Death recaps from the last year. Reviews this week feature the 2006 Annual, the 2006 Fetishes Special, and the beginning of the Lady Death: Blacklands series.

Lady Death: Annual (Brian Pulido’s…)

Everyone deserves a little R&R—unfortunately, some vacations turn out more stressful than the day-to-day events you’re getting away from! Naturally, that’s just what happens when Lady Death and her friends try to take a much needed respite from their seemingly endless battles; and when a murderous zombie goes on a deadly rampage, an idyllic retreat at a remote castle soon becomes a night of terror and mystery!

Thankfully, the bodies don’t pile up until after dinner, allowing Lady Death a few peaceful hours to enjoy a poolside massage, while Satasha devotes herself to meditation and prayer, and Wargoth indulges himself with a bevy of beautiful wenches (more than once, with all at once, of course). But, like any good mystery, once the obvious monster’s dead (again), they’ll still have the real villain to deal with… it seems like some resorts just don’t stand up to their brochures!

Lady Death: 2006 Fetishes Special (Brian Pulido’s…)

Although a little tamer than expected, this one-shot is pretty much what the titles implies: Lady Death in various erotic poses, wearing an assortment of revealing leather and metal outfits—or, of course, no outfit at all. Keeping with the fetish theme, every shot highlights her sexuality, including hints of bondage and lesbianism. However, with no actual frontal nudity, the book avoids being X-rated.

Given what Lady Death normally wears (or doesn’t) in her numerous regular titles, you might wonder what’s the point of an all-lingerie issue? Well, despite the fact that this book is available with at least four different cover variations, each costing about four bucks, it’s obviously about the art, not money, right?

The numerous artists taking advantage of this opportunity to play (and profit) with Brian Pulido’s sexy sorceress include Gabriel Guzman, Daniel HDR, Di Amorim, Gabriel Rearte, and Matt Martin.

Lady Death: Blacklands

As the war intensifies with the sorcerous Sagos, Lady Death and her allies seek to uncover the secret he’s hidden deep beneath the city of Catacombia - a weapon so powerful that Sagos would rather destroy it himself than let his enemies claim it. Although the fates of thousands of innocents hang in the balance, the stakes are much more personal for Lady Death, whose own mother continues to be a captive of Sagos.

As if facing her arch-enemy wasn’t enough for one story, Brian Pulido’s scantily-clad albino sorceress also battles the vampiric Stygmata, a new foe so deadly that, even with her friends Wargoth and Satasha fighting at her side, Lady Death may have finally met her match!

As usual, each issue of this series is available in several different cover variants, featuring a variety of popular artists.

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