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Batman: Hush Returns

Batman: Hush Returns

Initially allied with the Riddler, the mysterious Hush quickly became one of Batman’s most notorious foes: he fomented chaos among Batman’s enemies, seemingly resurrected Jason Todd (Robin), instigated a battle with Superman, even uncovered Batman’s secret identity! But Hush’s manipulations abruptly ended when he was killed by Two-Face. Of course, they never found the body…

Hush’s reappearance, beginning in Batman: Gotham Knights #50, is motivated by more than greed or psychotic tendencies: for him it’s personal. First up is settling with the Riddler, second is Gotham’s current top dog, Joker.The story arc begins well (Hush’s torment of Riddler is masterfully done), but at times loses momentum and novelty. Hush’s recruitment of Prometheus is a predictable excuse for Bats and Green Arrow to fight, and the Joker is portrayed more like The Godfather than the psychotic, unstable, unpredictably brutal villain we all love to hate.

Nevertheless, the return of an enemy with such intimate knowledge of Batman is bound to have some nasty, and quite likely permanent, repercussions for everyone!

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