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Highlander + Hellgate: London

Hellgate: London

Ancient legends predict disaster will befall the country if the ravens ever leave the Tower of London… in the not-too-distant future, demons have forced open a gateway between their infernal dimension and Earth, easily defeating Britain’s conventional military forces. Soon, London is a devastated warzone, quickly followed by the rest of the world. Naturally, the story begins with the ravens leaving their roosts…

Decades later, only a relative handful of humans survive. Mankind’s last hope rests with the remnants of the Templars, an ancient sect of warriors and sorcerers dedicated to defending Humanity from supernatural threats. But unless they discover the mysterious Sigil, a magical artifact and perhaps the only weapon powerful enough to send the demonic invaders back to Hell, even the Templars have absolutely no chance for success.

This series is based on, and acts as a prequel to, the highly anticipated computer game, unreleased at publication.


In the movie Highlander, wandering immortals gained supernatural power by beheading their fellows in personal combat. Their ultimate goal was the Gathering, when the most powerful battled to be the sole survivor and thus gain ultimate power. Eventually, Connor MacLeod, the Highlander, defeated the vicious Kurgan, fulfilling the legend that “there can be only One” and gaining God-like abilities in the process.

Picking up after the movie, this series furthers Connor’s story, while expanding on his history with the Kurgan. But with a handful of immortals still alive (apparently, “…only One” was metaphorical), and a legion of Kurgan’s acolytes out for revenge, is a new Gathering already in the works?

Extremely popular, the original movie generated two sequels, two television series, an animated TV series, and several books. Unfortunately, especially for continuity fans, these often muddled or contradicted the original story. This series seems a refreshing return to basics.

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