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Lady Death: Sacrilege (Brian Pulido’s…) + Roadkill Zoo

Lady Death: Sacrilege (Brian Pulido’s…)

Genre: Horror; Fantasy

Cherubs are so cute, so sweet, so very innocent, and so very deadly… and that’s just part of the danger awaiting Lady Death and Satasha. On the road earning much needed cash (funding armies isn’t cheap!), they’re intrigued by an ancient church with a mysterious, solitary occupant. Rarely seen by the locals, Nocturne has given them little reason for fear.

Naturally, that all changes, especially when the church spontaneously begins to grow—doubling its size in a matter of moments. Unable to resist the mystery, Lady Death rushes in… only to be overwhelmed by magical defenses. Between a foe with unknown powers, and a horrifyingly-rapid expanding church, Hope realizes that the entire Blacklands may be in danger of being overwhelmed as well.

Sadly, this book suffers from poor proofing- starting with the very first voice balloon! Given the character’s popularity, you’d expect at least a spellcheck, if not a visual edit.

Roadkill Zoo

Genre: Horror

In the secluded backcountry swamplands of Louisiana, a voodoo priest uses magic to bring roadkill animals back to life—allowing the ravaged zombies to seek revenge on the hapless drivers who killed them!

In this particular case, the decayed and decimated creatures target a group of rich college kids that end up stranded at an old abandoned plantation house. The only thing wrong with this story (the imagery is appropriately gross and the tale itself is original and well-written) is that the kids are so obnoxious that they don’t even like each other - after a few pages you’re probably going to be cheering for the zombie critters!

Ironically, and more than a bit tragically, this series has also come back from the dead: Originally scheduled for release in 2005, it was delayed when an Indonesian tsunami destroyed Budi Setiawan’s original artwork, along with everything else he owned.

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