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Silent War

Silent War

Genre: Super-hero

Quicksilver, to help mutants affected by House of M, stole the Inhumans’ Terrigen Mists—the source of they’re powers, and sacred to their society. Predictably, the Mists ended up in U.S. Government control.

After diplomacy fails to return the Mists, the Inhumans reluctantly declare war on the United States! Their first strike—a display of strength—goes tragically wrong, leaving 47 civilians dead. Labeled terrorists, the Inhumans find themselves fighting not only the government, but former allies - starting, naturally, with the Fantastic Four!

The odds don’t look good. The government’s very prepared to handle super-powered problems, and Civil War showed that even the strongest friendships mean very little where politics are concerned.

But what happens if an entire race of super-powered people is called to arms? Think about that, and then remember their king, Black Bolt. With just one shout, he could destroy the entire eastern seaboard… and he’s just one!

From his secret Rocky Mountain refuge 9200 feet above the world, Joe indulges his passion for comics and other alternate realities, including his own. A long-time writer for ComicBase, his name is a veritable pun generator. You can e-mail your questions and suggestions to Joe at

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