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Marvel Spotlight: Ghost Rider

Marvel Spotlight: Ghost Rider

Genre: Super-hero

With a new series on the stands, and a major motion picture at the box office, the motorcycle-riding anti-hero is perhaps more popular than ever. This issue of Marvel Spotlight, devoted solely to Ghost Rider, is jammed with interviews and artwork detailing his 35-year history—and previews his future.

Debuting in 1972’s Marvel Spotlight (Vol. 1) #5, GR’s original run lasted 12 years. Howard Mackie and Javier Saltares resurrected him in the 90s, replacing the demon’s mortal host, Johnny Blaze, with Danny Ketch.

Garth Ennis and Clayton Crain updated GR for the 21st century in The Road To Damnation mini-series, which led to the current ongoing title. Their upcoming mini Trail of Tears is set in the Old West.

The creators listed above are all featured in the interviews, as well as actor Nicolas Cage, Daniel Way, Mike Ploog, director Mark Steven Johnson, and others.

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