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Marvel Spotlight: Halo

Marvel Spotlight: Halo

Genre: Licensed, Sci-fi

Following the success of their Halo graphic novel, Marvel has released a new limited series based on the immensely popular video game. Written by Brian Michael Bendis, with art by Alex Maleev, Halo: Uprising bridges the stories from the Halo: 2 and Halo: 3 video games.

If you don’t know what the games are about (there must be someone out there!), then this spotlight issue will bring you up to speed on the complex world of Halo and the alien Covenant. If you’re already a fan, then this book is a must-have for your collection: it features preview art and behind-the-scenes info on the new series, as well as interviews with Bendis and Maleev.

Additionally, writer Brian Reed talks about the Ultimate Spider-Man video game, and the folks at Bungie—the makers of Halo—share a few secrets about the future of their creation.

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