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Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time prequel comes to comics while Digital Webbing produces an anthology based on a popular role-playing game. These two licensed properties are sure to appeal to fans of the fantasy genre.

Wheel of Time, The: New Spring

“The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend…”

Robert Jordan’s best-selling fantasy series, The Wheel of Time, revolves around a seemingly ordinary young man, caught up in events beyond his understanding or control, who has been preordained — as the Dragon Reborn — to wield great power that will either save the world or damn it forever.

Fifteen years and ten volumes into the still unfinished series, Jordan’s prequel to this epic story focuses on the young sorceress Moraine and her warrior companion Lan, and their desperate quest to find this prophesied infant and protect him from the various forces, both good and evil, that would use him for their own ends.

This comic adaptation has been co-written by Jordan and Chuck Dixon (Nightwing, Batman, The Hobbit, 2002), and features art by Mike S. Miller (Wolverine, Justice League of America, The Hedge Knight).





Warmageddon Illustrated

Based on a popular role-playing game, Warmageddon is a place where Fantasy and Science Fiction merge, creating a world where magic and sword-wielding mythological creatures not only square off against laser-equipped cyborgs and hapless humans alike, but the constant gladiator-esque contests are actually the driving force behind the planet’s entire economic system.

Focusing on characters and settings many of which were originally seen in the pages of Digital Webbing Presents, this magazine-sized anthology primarily features stories by DWP head writer Mike Imboden.

Each issue also includes interviews and artwork from other currently popular creators, such as Frank Cho (Liberty Meadows) and Eric Powell (The Goon), among others.


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