Technical Note #2:
Screen Won't Show Full Size when Certain Extensions are Installed

Written by:

Peter Bickford

Last Updated:

May 11, 2004

There's a known conflict between certain system extensions and ComicBase which results in preventing the ComicBase window from drawing to its full size. This happens when the extensions in question allocate their memory in such a way that interferes with ComicBase's own drawing routines.

Two such extensions are AutoMenus Pro published by Night Light Software, as well as the MenuFonts portion of Suitcase. There may be others as well.

If you are experiencing this problem, use the Extension Manager control panel to turn off any extraneous (non System-related) extensions and reboot. Experiment until the problem goes away. Do not merely boot with the shift-key down since that will disable all extensions--including the Apple CD-ROM, AppleScriptLib and ObjectSupportLib extensions which ComicBase needs in order to run properly.

If you can verify a certain extension is causing the problem, please send email to so that we can notify other users.