Technical Note #7:
Conflict Between ComicBase and nVidia Desktop Manager

Written by:

Peter Bickford

Last Updated:

July 4, 2003

We’ve discovered with recent nVidia graphic card software, which can cause ComicBase version 7.0.4 and earlier to crash when opening up the Find (or virtually any other) window. This problem does not affect ComicBase 8.0 and later.

The software at the heart of the problem is nVidia's new "nView Desktop Manager", bundled with their more recent graphics cards (and preinstalled on many PCs). When the nView Desktop Manager is enabled, it causes the resizer component used by ComicBase (and numerous other programs) to crash.

We've advised nVidia of the problem, and will also be removing the resizer component from the next major version of ComicBase, so that ComicBase will work even if nVidia doesn't fix their problem. In the meanwhile we suggest everyone who's affected by this problem simply turn off nVidia's nView Desktop Manager by doing the following:

  1. Open the nVidia nView Desktop Manager control panel by choosing:
    Start Menu > Settings > Control Panel > nVidia nView Desktop Manager

  2. Uncheck the "Enable Desktop Manager" button.

  3. Click the OK button.

Alternately, you can leave nVidia nView Desktop Manager on, but add ComicBase to the "Applications" list in the nVidia Control Panel, and choose the "Disable" button to disable nVidia nView Desktop Manager when running ComicBase 7 or earlier.