Thursday, August 18, 2022

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Manhattan Contact CCD Barcode Scanner FAQ

Still got questions about your Manhattan barcode scanner purchase? Try these frequently asked questions about the product.

Q: Do you guys support any barcode scanners other than the one you sell?

A: Any USB barcode scanner that can reliably read Code 3 of 9, EAN 13 (+2/+5) and UPC codes should work. We can’t offer technical support for any scanners other than the Manhattan one we sell, however, so you’d have to contact your scanner’s manufacturer if you need help setting it up to read those codes.

Q: How do I use the scanner within ComicBase?

A: To get straight to a comic from anywhere in the database, just use the Jump command (Ctrl + J), and bleep in the book’s barcode. It’ll take you straight to that book. After that, you can just type a “1” to say that you’ve got one copy of that comic in stock (this is referring to our one-key-data-entry feature). So basically: Ctrl + J, <bleep!>, 1, repeat…

If you’re working with ComicBase Archive or Pro, you can also use the barcode scanner with the program’s Batch menu to Add Comics to Inventory or to Sell Comics. Simply bleep in the barcode of the comics you want to add or sell and ComicBase will adjust your inventory appropriately. Check the small box at the bottom of the screen to view the issues afterward.

Q: My books aren’t scanning in when I bleep the code…

Step 1:

Make sure you are either using the Edit>Jump to Issue… command or using the Ctrl + J hotkey to activate the Jump command. It should say “Jump to Comic” and ask you “Jump to which comic?” Now bleep in the book’s barcode. Did it take you there?

Step 2:

If you are still having problems using your barcode scanner, here are a few other possibilities:

1) If ComicBase doesn’t have a UPC for that comic, it may be we’re missing that code. You can enter it yourself into the database with your barcode scanner. If you’d like to really help us out, download the 10.0.7 beta off the Support section of the web site, which contains a new “Send New or Corrected Data” command, and add it to our master database so that it will appear in the next week’s update. That way, everyone else will get to benefit as well.

2) If the barcode is in the database but your scanner is still not taking you to the correct issue, check whether your scanner is transmitting the barcode properly. You can check this by opening up Notepad or Microsoft Word and scanning in the book’s barcode. Then, compare the digits to the ones in our database. If the UPC doesn’t match our UPC, it’s likely that their scanner isn’t configured properly. Most of the time, this takes the form of not transmitting the “supplemental” (small digits at right) of the barcode: