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Changed Book Titles

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Changed Comic Book Titles

Absent Friends
Apocalypse Meow
Atom-Age Combat (1st Series)
Attitude Featuring
Babe 2
Backwards Folding Mirror, The
Batman and Robin
Batman: Blackgate
Birthday Riots, The
Cadaver Dogs Of Winter
Candie Land Magazine
Chase, The
Childhood’s End
Clamp School Detectives
Clan Apis
Damselvis, Daughter of Helvis Supermag
Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish, The
Dungeon Quest
Essential Werewolf by Night
Eternal Warriors: The Immortal Enemy
Even More Secret Origins
Flash Comics
Freaks N Squeeks
G-8 and His Battle Aces (Adventure House)
Graphic Classics: O. Henry
Green Arrow (6th Series)
Green Lantern (4th Series)
Gyre: Traditions & Interruptions
Heroes Anonymous
Heroes Reborn Mini Comic
Hokusai Demons & Other Tales of the Fox Mother
Honey Mustard
Junjo Romantica
Justice Leagues: JL?
Krazy & Ignatz
Legends of Kid Death & Fluffy
Little Tokyo Rose
Love Bunglers
Magnificent Superheroes of Comics Golden Age, The
Married…With Children: Bud Bundy, Fanboy in Paradise
Mask, The (Mini-Series)
Mind Probe
Monster (Naoki Urasawa’s…)
Mr. Risk
Optimism of Youth
Punisher (5th Series)
Rick and Morty vs. Dungeons & Dragons II: Painscape
Scrapped Princess
Shadow Raven
Shanna the She-Devil (2nd Series)
Spider-Man 1602
St. Swithin’s Day
St. Swithin’s Day (Oni)
Star Wars: Clone Wars
StormWatch (3rd Series)
Storyteller, The: Witches
Stranger than Fiction
Swords of Shar-Pei
They Call Me Pusspuss
Tokyo Boys & Girls
Troll II
Waiting for the End of the World
War Combat
Warrior Nun Areala (Vol. 3)
Weapon X: The Draft—Agent Zero
Weapon X: The Draft—Kane
Weapon X: The Draft—Marrow
Weapon X: The Draft—Sauron
Weapon X: The Draft—Wild Child
Will Eisner Companion, The
Wolverine: Xisle
Wonder Woman: Donna Troy
X-Statix Omnibus
Young Marvelman