ComicBase 19.3 and our 600,000th Cover

ComicBase 2017 v19.3 Released

We just released a major update to ComicBase 2017, now available to all registered users of ComicBase 2017 under the Updaters section of

The new version brings a ton of performance and stability improvements to ComicBase Sidekick. We’ve also implemented a big modernization of the web architectures which we use to let both ComicBase and Sidekick check for updates. This is all done with an eye toward better performance, as well as letting both programs play better with various firewalls and 3rd party security software. We also managed to slip in the ability to import your Lock Price and Grading Notes under the Import command.

Special Super-Important Heads-up! Because of the changes to the web update architecture, it's important for all ComicBase 2017 users to update their programs to v19.3 to be sure you’ll be able to download weekly content updates without interruption. Just head on over to the Updaters section of the website and download the appropriate updater for your edition of ComicBase. And as always, feel free to give us a call at 408-266-6883 or write if you need any help with anything ComicBase-related.

ComicBase Archive Edition adds 600,000th Cover

While our programming team slaves away in the code mines working on the next major version of ComicBase, the editorial team has been absolutely crushing it adding new content that each ComicBase user gets weekly as part of their update subscription. Since ComicBase 2017’s release, they’ve managed to add well over 100,000 new issues to the database, and so many new cover images that we were forced to expand the mighty ComicBase Archive Edition from 3 DVDs to 4 just to hold them all. (Archive Edition users can also download all the new covers each week as they become available).

Then, with last week’s content update, the Archive Edition passed another milestone, adding its 600,000th cover image! To celebrate, we’ve gone back and done an all-new pressing which includes all 600,000+ covers, as well as an updated database featuring all the latest data. For folks who use computers without an optical drive, we’ve also updated the downloadable disk images for the Archive Edition (although we’d encourage anyone upgrading or renewing to grab a physical copy—it’s a big download, clocking in at some 30 GB of data!). You can also grab all of this—as well as tens of thousands of new images in full 4K resolution and quarterly updaters on 50GB Blu-ray Disk, as part of the Blu-ray Archive Edition