The world’s #1 software for comic book collectors is back and better than ever with the amazing new Director’s Cut edition!

This vastly expanded and updated version comes ready for action with listings and pricing for over 875,000 comics built right in, covering virtually every English-language comic published since the late 1800s.

And each week, you’ll be kept up to date with new releases and real-world market pricing thanks to the 1 year update subscription that comes with every full version of ComicBase.

With ComicBase, you’ll be ready to easily manage even the largest comic collection with ease.


  • 4K Monitor Support and Themes

    Enjoy ComicBase in spectacular resolution on your 4K or retina monitors with new 4K themes, upsized graphics, as well as tens of thousands of full 4K images included with the new Blu-Ray Archive Edition

  • Save Barcode-Entered Comics 40X Faster

    All versions of ComicBase allow you to enter comics by their barcode, and now Professional and Archive Edition users can save whole batches of barcode-entered comics in a flash--up to 40X faster than before!

  • No-Limits Searching

    The new edition effectively removes all limits on search results, letting you browse and work with even the largest collections and largest result sets

  • Digital Comics, Movie Trailers & More

    ComicBase can now organize not just your regular comics, but other media files including digital comics, movie trailers, website links, and more. You can even add a whole folder of digital media to an issue in ComicBase and access any entry simply by clicking on it in ComicBase

  • Show just the comics you own with a single click using the new Find > My Comics command; or do more extensive breakdowns of your collection using ComicBase's collection statistics charts, or powerful reporting options

  • ComicBase Database Manager

    The new ComicBase Database Manager lets you easily find and manage multiple collection databases, as well as get a summary of what’s in each one


ComicBase also includes a host of technical enhancements and refinements, including:
  • New preference setting to automatically compress your backup files to save disk space
  • New volume control setting for sound effects and feedback
  • Automatically allows you to convert backup files to working database files when you open them
  • Database files that have been moved or are missing can now be located either manually, or automatically using the new ComicBase Database Manager
  • Log in and access your web reports and sales using either your User ID or email address
  • ComicBase Sidekick is now fully resolution-independent, and its interface displays crisply even when font magnification is used


  • The new edition uses your existing database and gets you up and running with the latest new features in moments.
  • Shop online for comics, or sell your own (with no store or listing fees) on Atomic Avenue
  • Includes ComicBase Sidekick assistant program to automatically keep your database updated with the latest content, back up your data to the cloud, generate web reports, and update your listings on
  • NEW! ComicBase Mobile app for iOS and Android (Professional and Archive Editions) lets you view and add to your collection from almost any mobile device, including iPhones, iPads, and Android and Windows phones and tablets
  • Breakdown and graph your collection’s value by genre, publisher, era, and more
  • Professional Collection Evaluations from Heritage Auction Galleries
  • All versions include a FREE year of downloadable price, issue updates, and program updates
  • Includes 2 GB of free cloud-based backup space for the same time period, helping you keep your collection safe


If you’re a current customer with an active update subscription, we’ve already issued you your ComicBase 2017 serial number and download links. Just check your Registrations to get these.

To get ComicBase 2017 Director’s Cut on disk (particularly recommended for Archive Edition users so you’ll get a new set of DVDs with the full set of over 650,000 cover images), just renew your ComicBase subscription and choose physical delivery at checkout. You can also take advantage of upgrade pricing for ComicBase Archive Edition if you're currently using ComicBase Express or Professional.

When you do this, you’ll get ComicBase 2017 at the special discounted upgrade price, as well as a full year of content, title, and program updates.

New to ComicBase? Check out our Product Information section to find which edition of ComicBase is right for you and learn more about everything ComicBase does.

Questions? Give us a call (408) 266-6883 and we’ll be glad to help.

System Requirements

  • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10 (32 and 64 bit editions supported)
  • 1024x768 or larger color monitor (1200x1024 or larger preferred)
  • 2 GHz or faster Pentium/equivalent
  • 4 GB RAM
  • CD, DVD, or Blu-ray drive (See edition information for details)