Interim Builds

These are interim builds so that we can address issues and make changes as rapidly as possible. We'll be periodically rolling them into regular "point releases" (e.g. 21.0.2). Expect this page to change frequently as we make changes, but don't feel obliged to download the new versions unless you see something of particular interest.

Please send comments about these builds to

Current build: v21.0.2 (Build 1805)

Download from your Registrations page

Changes from v21.0.2 (Build 1165)

  • Radically faster barcode searching (e.g. Add by Barcode), thanks to some new index optimizations. The first time you run this update, your database indexes will be updated to the new system
  • Doing a File > File Tools > Rebuild Lists / Item Information now performs a notes clean-up which tries its best to standardize various formatting issues (e.g. "1:Spider-Man" becomes "1st appearance of Spider-Man"; "Reg Buscema cover" becomes "Regular Buscema cover" etc. It also does its best to remove redundant notes. It also now validates the date fields in the associated title tables. This can help if you've had any trouble having your database information appear in ComicBase Mobile.
  • Tightened up the Print and Custom Fields setup dialogs to them friendlier to folks with short (small laptop) screens