Interim Builds

These are interim builds so that we can address issues and make changes as rapidly as possible. We'll be periodically rolling them into regular "point releases" (e.g. 20.0.2). Expect this page to change frequently as we make changes, but don't feel obliged to download the new versions unless you see something of particular interest.

Please send comments about these builds to

Current build: v20.0.3 (Build 3839)

Download from your Registrations page

Changes from v20.0.3 (Build 3742)

  • Fixed an issue which could arise when adding issues to a set from the grid
  • New feature: You can make selections in any grid or album view, then choose any of the reports and those selections are carried over and can be used to quickly print collection reports, labels, price lists, etc. for those particular items.
  • New feature: You can now see publishers when choosing "Selected Titles" on reports. Not only is this useful for quickly locating a title, but you can also click the Publisher header to sort by publisher, allowing you to quickly select by publisher for the titles you include on reports.
  • Fixed a problem which could cause the Advanced Find window to close when loading a saved search, if called from the toolbar menu.
  • Removed the "Era" breakdown from Magazines and Books, as it really doesn't apply in the same way it applies to comics.
  • Choosing File > File Tools > Rebuild Lists > Item Information will now force-standardize all dates in international format, fixing a problem which could occur when searching Date Modified when there were both US-format (M/D/Y) and ISO format (YYYY-MM-DD) dates present.
  • Choosing "None" for cover icon size on an item checklist report no longer displays a cover placeholder image.
  • Saving a collection report set to summary mode to the web no longer gives an error.
  • The Titles window now remembers its position.
  • Fixed an occasional problem which could prevent the main window from appearing after printing