Now Available: ComicBase 2020 Build 2681 (v.

Customers with current subscriptions can download it directly from the Registrations page.

To Update: Just download and run the ComicBase Setup program again. The new setup will automatically update you to the current version--this will not affect your data.

Changes from Initial Release

  • Automatically resets the theme to the default if an unknown theme file is detected in a database
  • The Grading Wizard now defaults to carrying the results into Grading Notes
  • When converting a database containing CGC and PGX grades, they're now given a sort order that will fit them in nicely with those in the Grading Sets (under Grading Setup)
  • "GD" comic conditions are automatically converted to "G" (the two conditions were redundant in ComicBase 2017 and earlier)
  • "Contains" searches for notes are now available
  • Fixed a problem creating a new database on the FREE and Express versions
  • Fixed an "index out of range" issue which could occur when printing Collection Reports
  • Fixes a few assorted issues with price and ID label printing
  • Psychic Typing has been implemented for creator, storyline, and appearance fields in both the grid and detail screens
  • You're now warned when you open or attempt to do work out of a backup, and offered a chance to turn it into a regular file
  • ComicBase and Sidekick now update your collection stats in the mobile app each time you Check for Updates (in addition to when you save a backup).
  • A couple of references to our test servers were left in, leading to trouble logging in/using web services. These have been resolved
  • ComicBase 2020 can now convert over ComicBase 2017 databases with missing or damaged Currency History or Versions tables
  • Converting a database from ComicBase 2017 checks for and deals with invalid/null data in Min Qty and other fields.
  • ComicBase 2020 will now accept old-style ComicBase 2017 custom barcodes as a backup method of finding comics.
  • Fixed a problem when trying to access the Reports menu when a title-based result list was on screen
  • Fixed drill-down to show issues when viewing a value breakdown in Collection Statistics
  • The Currency Exchange Rates window looks nicer
  • Currency variables weren't being retrieved properly on non-USD systems, leading to being unable to process updates.
  • Fixed a problem where auto-backups were not being created if the database was set to always optimize on close (really not needed anymore, but fixed anyway)
  • The grading wizard now uses "G" for "Good" grades instead of "GD"
  • Fixed a problem where price changes driven by changing the condition of an issue from the grid weren't being preserved.
  • A title's Marked state now shows properly in the title editing windows
  • Made visible the option to lock down Notes during content updates
  • Grading notes are transmitted as part of the sales file when posting to Atomic Avenue
  • Report previews now allow paging in the preview window.
  • Quick Changing of conditions is fixed.
  • When installing pictures and movies, cancelling out of the "Select Picture Folder" icon no longer prompts for the movies archive if that was also checked.
  • Titles' "In stock" status is updated when adding items by barcode.
  • Custom reports saved to the web now have less generic names.
  • Added additional error trapping to deal with bad image files when displaying the grid.
  • Schedule timers in Sidekick are now limited to executing between 1 day in the past and 32 days in the future.
  • The splitter which adjusts how much space is devoted to the header/grid sections now remembers is position, specific to each type of collectible, as well as for album vs. grid views.
  • Fixed a problem calculating value breakdowns in Statistics for very high dollar comics
  • The initial view for new and converted databases comes with a more nicely tailored layout/field choice. Go to Setup > Columns to view to customize which fields you see, as well as the column order.