Now Available: ComicBase v23.2.2 (Build 3021)

Customers with current subscriptions can download it directly from the Registrations page.

To Update: Just download and run the ComicBase Setup program again. The new setup will automatically update you to the current version--this will not affect your data.

Changes from v23.1.0 (Build 1953)

  • Archive Editions now feature over 950,000 covers, including over 70,000 new images since ComicBase 2023 launched. Both the QuickStart and full image download libraries have been updated to include the new image set.
  • ComicBase Professional now contains over 73,000 images. Pro users can download the updated Pictures under their Product download links
  • The database now contains over 80,000 new comics, bringing the total to over 1.1 million comic listings. Also includes almost 800,000 new books, magazines, and newspapers added since ComicBase 2023's launch.
  • [Archive Editions] ComicBase Cover Gallery screen saver now allows you to show only the images of items in your collection.
  • Image display is faster throughout the program
  • Adds a new button to the Collection Value Over Time graph to allow you to reset your collection history data
  • Adds new fields to list data from Lunar Distribution (LunarCode, LunarAltCode on individual issues, LunarSeriesCode for titles)
  • Adds new "Include Storylines" and "Include Creators" fields to report and label printing to give finer control over what's printed (and allow for larger fonts on labels by trimming out unneeded information.
  • Item Titles (if present) print on all reports
  • Tweaks the layout of the Dymo Address ID and Price labels to allow for larger display of the title.
  • [Experimental] Adds automatic translating and clean-up of CLZ export files to the Import dialog. If you have data from that program that you'd like to import, please contact to help us improve the quality of the automatic matching.
  • Prevents titles from being added with trailing spaces in the name.
  • Mp3, Avi, and Wav files may now be associated with items as digital media assets. This will allow you, for instance, to associate audiobook readings or old time radio files with items.
  • Adds new periodicities: "Weekdays" and "Weekdays and Saturday" to Magazines and Newspapers, both of which will auto-increment cover dates accordingly.
  • Log files are now stored in the [My Documents]\Human Computing\Logs folder, instead of in a more nested sub-folder. This should help resolve a problem with saving logs of databases which have extremely long names.
  • When mass-changing the price field to the value of another field (not just a fixed amount), it now takes into condition the item's grade when determining the final price.
  • The Update Summary window now shows when you initiate an update from the Collection Statistics window
  • Fixed a problem displaying pictures when switching between title and issue searches
  • The "Calling Doctor Jones" badge is now awarded for submitting new titles
  • Fixed an error which would occur when duplicating a newspaper
  • Content update log files are now sub-divided by media type, to better deal with updates when there are massive numbers of changes. Note that if there are hundreds of thousands of changes in a given media type, your browser software may not be able to load the entire file. If so, try a text editor like Notepad++
  • Does a better job of allowing the submission of large numbers of pictures/corrections at once.