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ComicBase is the world’s largest comic book database, and the #1 software system for keeping track of your comic book collection. The new ComicBase comes with built-in listings on virtually every comic published in the English language since the late 1800s, covering over 600,000 issues. With free, downloadable price and title updates each week for a year and current pricing based from real-time market data—we work hard to keep you current on the comics that matter to you!

ComicBase will automatically price your comics according to their condition when you use the built-in dropdown menu, but you can also start up the Grading Wizard and have the program help you determine its grade if you’re not sure about the condition of a comic you own. Use our barcode support jump feature (available in all versions) to go straight to a comic using the EAN/UPC number printed on the cover, or find the comic by using its assigned ComicBase barcode. To help you buy, sell, and evaluate your collection at home or on the road, ComicBase can also track the purchase cost of your collection and generate a wide variety of reports and labels—including the Collection Inventory Report—based on the criteria that you choose, like publisher, issues in stock, publication year, and more!

With the ability to interface with Atomic Avenue, ComicBase also allows you to create your own comic book store online. Get in on the easiest, fastest, and most profitable marketplace to buy and sell comics—post an unlimited number of books for sale at no charge on Atomic Avenue with just a couple of clicks!

Can't wait to see what else we’ve got? Check out our What’s New section for a full list of the latest ComicBase features.

ComicBase FREE

The World’s #1 Program for Managing Comics… Free!

  • Handles collections of up to 500 comics
  • Built-in information on over 600,000 comics

ComicBase, the world’s leading comic book management software program, is now available at its most affordable price ever—free. The ComicBase FREE edition is the simplest way to track collections of up to 500 comics and includes current prices and data on over 600,000 comic listings. ComicBase FREE also allows you to connect to Atomic Avenue to buy and sell your comic collection online.

ComicBase FREE still comes with all the basic features that have made ComicBase the leading program in comic book management today—from its built-in listings for over 600,000 comics to title and issue reports, Grading Wizard, specialized Find searches, and barcode support. Our easy-to-navigate interface handles special comic types, variant issues, multiple printings, and more! But if that ’s not enough, our easy upgrade process also makes upgrading from ComicBase FREE to any other version of ComicBase a snap.

17 Express Small

1 CD / Download
$59.95 NEW

Upgrade Pricing:
$49.95 from previous versions

ComicBase Express

Power on a budget…

  • Handles any size collection
  • Built-in information on over 600,000 comics
  • Current pricing from real-time market data
  • Includes a year of weekly price and issue updates

ComicBase Express is the ideal program for the budget-conscious collector. It comes with basic information on over 600,000 comics, all with current pricing from real-market data. It also sports over 5,000 cover images; a year of free, downloadable price updates; and the sleek, easy-to-use interface that ComicBase is known for.

ComicBase Express is compact enough to download, but still offers everything a collector needs to manage a serious collection.

Frequently Asked Questions About ComicBase Express
ComicBase Professional

$149.95 NEW

Upgrade Pricing:
$59.95 from ComicBase 17
$79.95 from ComicBase 16 or earlier
$99.95 from ComicBase Express

ComicBase Professional Edition

Manage your comics like a Pro…

  • All the features of ComicBase Express, Plus…
  • Dedicated new creator fields—with credits!
  • Custom fields
  • Price history graphs for each issue
  • Handheld reporting for iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, and more

A DVD with the complete database and information on over 600,000 comics, along with historical pricing graphs for each issue, and extensive writer and artist credits. It also contains handheld collection reporting tools as well as more than 30,000 cover images.

ComicBase 2015 Archive Small

3 DVDs / Download
$299.95 NEW

Upgrade Pricing:
$129.95 from ComicBase 17
$149.95 from ComicBase 16 or earlier
$249.95 from ComicBase Express

ComicBase Archive Edition

The collector’s dream system…3 DVDs With Over 25 GB of Content

  • All the features of ComicBase Professional, plus…
  • more than 400,000 cover images (the majority in full-size, high definition format!)
  • Exclusive comic creator interviews
  • Comic circulation and CGC census data

A three-DVD-ROM set (requires DVD-ROM drive) with more than 25 GB of content! The ComicBase Archive Edition contains everything available in the Professional edition, and more. The complete database includes information on over 600,000 comics, plus circulation and CGC data, and more than 400,000 covers, the majority in full-size, high definition format. Dozens of exclusive creator previews and movie clips, handheld collection reporting tools, and an exclusive ComicBase Cover Gallery screen saver make this our most powerful release, ever!

ComicBase 17 Bluray Small

Dual-Layer Blu-ray Disc
$399.95  NEW

Upgrade Pricing:
$199.95  from ComicBase 17 Archive or Professional
No upgrades from ComicBase FREE or Express

ComicBase Blu-ray Archive Edition

The ultimate comic collection software… 46 GB on Dual-Layer Blu-ray Disc

  • All the features of ComicBase Archive, Plus…
  • 46 GB Blu-ray Disc with the entire ComicBase Picture library in high-quality format
  • Quarterly Picture updates delivered on Blu-ray Disc

ComicBase is proud to present the first PC program in the world to use the new Blu-ray Disc format.*

The top-of-the-line, exclusive two disk Blu-ray Archive Edition packs over 46 GB of pictures and other content onto a single Blu-ray Disc. It captures our entire art library of more than 400,000 covers, most of which are full-sized, high-definition images.

The ComicBase Blu-ray Archive Edition also contains the complete ComicBase database with information on over 600,000 comics, as well as circulation figures and CGC census data, not to mention dozens of exclusive creator previews and movie clips, handheld collection reporting tools, the ComicBase Cover Gallery screen saver, and more!

*NOTE: The Blu-ray Archive Edition requires a Blu-ray drive to play and will not play on a conventional CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive.

Manhattan CCD Barcode Scanner

Lightning fast data entry

ComicBase has always been pretty easy to get around, but now you can kick it into overdrive by using the program’s built-in barcode support. The program now comes built-in with tens of thousands of EAN and UPC codes to help you find and enter your comics, and new codes are released as part of the downloadable updates each week.

Works with ComicBase FREE, ComicBase Express and ComicBase 10 or later.

DX Laser Scanner with Stand

Professional laser scanning at a breakthrough price

Finally, a truly professional scanning solution for comic collectors who want the fastest possible way to enter their collections. After years of searching, we're proud to introduce our own ComicBase DX Laser Scanner, which can be operated as a regular barcoded scanner, or--using the included stand--as a rapid-entry scanning station which lets you enter your comics by simply waving them under the scanner!

This professional grade laser scanner plugs into any standard USB port and requires no special drivers to be installed. You'll be up running in under a minute and ready to take on even the largest collections with ease.

Works with ComicBase FREE, ComicBase Express and ComicBase 10 or later.

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We accept MasterCard, Visa, and Discover card, as well as PayPal. International orders are available by credit card only, and will be billed at the equivalents in local currency for the US prices listed.

Retailers: If you'd like to stock ComicBase in your store, please call us for wholesale pricing and other sales information.