Current Official Version:
ComicBase 2020 (v20.0.2)
Latest Interim Build:
Last content update on:
7/2/2020 5:50:30 PM

Titles: 59,815
Comics: 879,267
Publishers: 6,774

Total value of comics listed: $36,262,688.00


  • ALL NEW: Built on a blazingly fast new database engine that's over twice as fast, and has no file size limits (and no more need to compact!)
  • Completely rewritten to be faster and more responsive than ever before.
  • A gorgeous new interface that lets you view your collection the way you want--including a stunning new album view
  • Information and actual market pricing for over 875,000 comics—virtually every English-language comic published since 1878. Foreign comics too!
  • Weekly price updates based on actual market prices—not just a price guide.
  • Weekly issue and title updates to keep your collection up to date with new and upcoming releases.
  • Works with the new ComicBase Mobile app for iOS and Android lets you view your collection and add new purchases from your phone or tablet! (*Pro and Archive editions)
  • Over 625,000 full-color covers on 4 DVDs + real-time cover downloading for Archive Edition users. A crucial aid to variant identification, as well as an amazing visual reference to the world of comics.
  • Go beyond comics: ComicBase 2020 now lets you manage your book and magazine collections too!
  • Seamlessly supports 4K and high-resolution monitors. Blu-Ray Archive Edition now ships with tens of thousands of cover images in full 4K format
  • Integrates with Atomic Avenue to let you locate hard-to-find comics; also sell comics only with your own online store!
  • Compatible with Windows 7 and later, including Windows 10


These great folks are making ComicBase even better by sending in new information and pictures using the Submit New or Corrected Data command under the Internet menu of ComicBase 10.0.7 (or later). You can help too! Get one point for each new picture submitted, or correction/addition accepted.

#Name Pts.
1. Frank Colasurdo 602,201
2. Robert Wood 306,977
3. Barry John Shepherd 201,706
4. Moshe Leimberg 134,732
5. Douglas W. McCratic 69,955
7. Steven L. Dasinger 50,490
8. Corey M. Dvorkin 43,256
9. Lyle Brown 40,158
10. Richard Wiedmayer 38,465


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It's Here!

The All New ComicBase 2020!

We're proud to announce the arrival of the ALL NEW ComicBase 2020! Four years in the making, this completely rewritten ComicBase brings with it a blazingly fast new database engine that zips through tasks in a fraction of the time required by older versions-as well as removing the need for database compacting! The new edition also comes with a gorgeous new interface, powerful new collection viewing capabilities, and the ability to track books and magazines!

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ComicBase Livestream #4: The Viewer Question Answerpalooza!

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“Caps for Comic Software” Discounts for Active Duty Military Personnel

As a way of saying “Thanks!” to our active duty military personnel, we’re reprising our famous “Caps for Comic Software’ program. Basically, you send us a cap (or coin) from your unit, and we’ll give you a massive discount on ComicBase. (Heck, if you folks are willing to lay it on the line, the least we can do is help you keep your comics in order!)

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