Current Version: 18.0.4
Last content update on:
11/20/2014 1:26:43 PM

Titles: 42,905
Issues: 601,651
Publishers: 4,961

Total value of comics listed: $24,610,042.00


  • Accurate market and information on almost 600,000 comics—virtually every English-language comic published since 1878. Foreign comics too!
  • Weekly price updates based on hard market reporting--not just a price guide.
  • Weekly issue and title updates to keep your collection up to date with new and upcoming releases.
  • New mobile “My Comics” feature lets you view your collection and add new purchases wherever you are, and on any device--including iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Kindle, and more! (*Pro and Archive editions)
  • Includes “ComicBase Sidekick” — a companion program which handles routine maintenance tasks automatically for you, now including reporting and synchronizing your wish lists to the cloud
  • New grading notes field to let you see and store detailed notes on a comic’s condition
  • Control whether individual issues have their price updated with the new Lock Price field
  • Real-time cover downloading for Archive Edition users.
  • Improved, mobile-enabled which easily handle even the extremely large reports on small devices--includes Collection Reports, Title Reports, Price Lists, and Issue Checklists(*Pro and Archive editions)
  • Integrates with Atomic Avenue to let you locate hard-to-find comics; also sell comics only with your own online store!
  • Windows 8, 7, and Vista compatible (both 32 and 64 bit)


These great folks are making ComicBase even better by sending in new information and pictures using the Submit New or Corrected Data command under the Internet menu of ComicBase 10.0.7 (or later). You can help too! Get one point for each new picture submitted, or correction/addition accepted.

#Name Pts.
1. Robert Wood 212,687
2. Barry John Shepherd 199,861
3. Frank Colasurdo 119,008
4. Douglas W. McCratic 47,712
5. Steven L. Dasinger 46,618
6. Corey E. Ayres 37,137
7. Glenn Simpson 36,517
8. Corey M. Dvorkin 36,511
9. Lyle K. Brown 34,202

ComicBase 18.0.4 now Available

Improvements to Sidekick compatibility with ComicBase Express, better screen updating when using the Jump command, and a refresh to the stock database included with ComicBase to include the more than 600,000 (!) issues that are now part of ComicBase. Download it today!

Over 600,000 Comics!

With last week's update, we passed an incredible milestone. ComicBase and Atomic Avenue now contain listings and pricing for over 600,000 comics! These cover everything from British boy's adventure magazines from the late 1800s to today's latest adventures of the Caped Crusader. It's an incredible feat, and we owe huge thanks to both our hardworking indexers and editors, as well as our amazing customers who've contributed countless submissions to help the whole ComicBase and Atomic Avenue community!

ComicBase 2015 is Here!

After many months of hard development, we’re pleased to announce the arrival of the newest major upgrade to ComicBase. The new ComicBase 2015, which we first sneak-peeked at Comic-Con, boasts information and pricing on almost 600,000 comics. It brings a huge upgrade to ComicBase’s mobile capabilities, letting you effortlessly carry any size collection, no matter how large, with you on virtually any tablet or smart phone. You can even add new comics you’ve purchased while you’re on the go right from your mobile device. And it's on sale through August 18! Click on the headline to link for the full story with complete details.

Pro Tips for Shipping Comics

One of the best features in ComicBase is that it make it really easy to sell your comics on Atomic Avenue. But once those orders start rolling in, it’ll be up to you to pack your books so that they get to their new home in the same condition they left yours. With this video, we show off some helpful tips to make the shipping process a breeze.

System Update: Wish Lists!

The wish list feature in Atomic Avenue just received a big update, allowing you to see all the new matches in one email, and controlling how often the system lets you know when a new book from your list hits the system. For users who had been set up to receive email notifications, the default setting is that you'll now get one big email per day with all the new matches, instead of individual emails every time a new posting comes in with something from your wish list. Combined with the new "Add Wanted Issues to My Atomic Avenue Wish List" setting in ComicBase 2015's Sidekick (under Settings > Save to Cloud) it makes it super-easy to track down those hard-to-find comics you've been searching for.

Hats Graphic

“Caps for Comic Software” Discounts for Active Duty Military Personnel

As a way of saying “Thanks!” to our active duty military personnel, we’re reprising our famous “Caps for Comic Software’ program. Basically, you send us a cap (or coin) from your unit, and we’ll give you a massive discount on ComicBase. (Heck, if you folks are willing to lay it on the line, the least we can do is help you keep your comics in order!)

Drop us a line at and we’ll get you hooked up.