Live at 4:00 Wednesday!

ComicBase Livestream #77: I'll Ask My Folks...

Last Livestream, you asked... I "uhhh"ed... and promised to get together with the rest of the crew to come up with some answers on a variety of topics including record-setting auction prices, the official naming stance on publishers, what to do about Canadian variants, and what the Official ComicBase Line is on COAs and autographs.

And yes, answers we now have! Tune in tomorrow to get them all--and ask even more questions which Pete might even manage to come up with the answers to all by himself!
New Version!

Introducing ComicBase 2022!

Introducing the most comprehensive, powerful, and easiest-to-use ComicBase ever!

ComicBase 2022 adds an unprecedented number of new listings along with powerful new features, as well as innovations to help you get going faster so you can get more done with less work. New features include improved variant handling, a powerful new Find and Replace function, Dark Themes, and the ability to let you customize how ComicBase shows market data to make the displays more informative.

ComicBase Livestream #76: New Year's Kickoff

After a couple of weeks off for recuperation, we're kicking things back into gear with our first livestream of the year starting on January 12th. Join us then as we talk the latest news, look forward to the year ahead, and answer your questions live!
Special Day: Tomorrow at 4pm

ComicBase Livestream #75: The ComicBase Christmas Party!

It's our final livestream of the year, and we're blowing it out with this special Christmas Party livestream. We'll be taking a quick look back on the year, then ComicBase creator Pete Bickford will be sharing his top 5 tips for the new ComicBase 2022, and we'll be giving away some very special prize packs in our Trivia Challenge. Join us Thursday at 4pm Central for all the fun!

ComicBase Livestream #74: All I Want for Christmas...

It's the Christmas Gift Show! Join us as we share our top picks for the perfect gift for the comic fan in your life (besides ComicBase!) -- and we'll be doing a bit of gift-giving ourselves at the end of the show. PLUS: We'll be answering your ComicBase questions live--join at 4 Central for all the fun!

ComicBase Livestream #72: Introducing ComicBase 2022!

SPECIAL THURSDAY LIVESTREAM: We'll be answering your questions and sharing our tips on using the just-released ComicBase 2022! Come one and all, and bring your questions for ComicBase creator Pete Bickford--we'll be answering them all LIVE!

ComicBase Livestream #71: Getting Started with ComicBase 2022

In this very special Livestream, we'll be talking about the imminent release of ComicBase 2022, and give the program creator's own tips for what you should do in the first 20 minutes to make the most of all the hotness in the new version. PLUS! We'll be making some news with not one, not two, but three very special announcements!

And as if this wasn't enough, we'll be answering your questions--live. Join us at 4pm Central for all the action!

ComicBase Livestream #70: Firing up "Burning Man"

With just days to go before the release of the next major version of ComicBase, (code name: "Burning Man"), we'll be going behind the scenes to show off some of the key new features, share some inside gossip on what drove some of the major design decisions, and even share some of the production photos that and stories that went into the cover.

And as if that wasn't enough, we'll also be answering your questions--live. Join us at 4pm Central for all the action!

ComicBase Livestream #69: Paging Tech Support

We're usually the ones our friends call on when their computers go haywire, but this weekend, it was our turn to send up a distress signal when our main web server decided it hadn't had a vacation in a while, and deserved to take some "me" time for itself.

In this week's livestream, we'll talk about our adventures in troubleshooting, share a few lessons learned, and answer your questions about ComicBase, Windows, and tech in general. Join us at 4pm Central for the epic adventure--LIVE!