Live at 4:00 Wednesday!

ComicBase Livestream #96: Catching Up with the Mailbag

ComicBase's Pete Bickford is back from Florida and will be trying to catch up with all the viewer questions as possible during this livestream. From exporting tips to selling online, he'll be handing out tips for how to do everything better with ComicBase. Send your questions to, or join us at 4pm Central to ask your question live!
ComicBase Newsflash!

ComicBase 22.0.2 Released!

Our big quarterly update ComicBase 22.0.2 is here! Includes faster program startup, speed improvements working with longer titles (like Action Comics), one button fix for Microsoft OneDrive, and new EGS grading support. Plus new content update handling features that allow you to choose which types of media you want updated and even choose to remove types of media (e.g. Magazines) if you're not interested in them altogether. This update is free to all ComicBase users with an active subscription and can be downloaded using ComicBase's Internet>Check for Updates command OR go to your online account (

ComicBase Livestream #95: Future Tech

On this week's livestream, we'll be talking about some important new trends which will be shaping your next system upgrade (as well as some of the tech upgrades that are in the works here at ComicBase central). Find out how to make your next computer faster than ever before, and what tech changes you'll want to be ready for in the coming months. We'll also be answering your questions about everything from ComicBase features to summer movies!

ComicBase Livestream #94: Summertime Fun

It's the official kickoff to summer on the ComicBase Livestream! We'll be taking summer reads, summer movies, and of course, answering your questions about all things comics- and ComicBase-related. Crack open a cold one and join us at 4 Central to join the fun!

ComicBase Livestream #93: Your Questions...

It's the ComicBase Livestream, where ComicBase's Pete Bickford will do his very best to answer all your questions about ComicBase, Comics, or exactly why the designers of the Death Star thought it was a sound idea to equip their state of the art battle station with an effective self-destruct mechanism next to an unshielded exhaust port. Join us at 4pm Central for all the fun!

ComicBase Livestream #92: British Comics with Guest Joel Meadows

We're pleased to welcome special guest Joel Meadows, editor of Tripwire Magazine as we explore the world of British comics. We'll talk about what's new and notable, what to watch out for, and what you should be reading right now. Join us at 4pm to get in on this discussion as we chat live!

ComicBase Livestream #91: Q&A

It's a (nearly) all Q&A show, where we'll do our best to answer your questions about all things comics- and ComicBase-related. Join ComicBase's Pete Bickford at 4pm this Wednesday and find out how to to make ComicBase do that thing that you've wanted to do, find out how to make ComicBase _not_ do that thing that's been driving you crazy, or finally figure out what the deal is with that other thing that's been puzzling you... See you then!

ComicBase Livestream #88: Slabbed

It's another week of astonishing auction results, as Captain America Comics #1 and Amazing Fantasy #15 shattered previous records...and are forcing all of us to confront the new realities of the price-distortions of "slabbed" comics. We'll take a closer look at the problem, and get your thoughts on a dramatic step we're considering for better dealing with this crazy new world in a special Livestream.

ComicBase Livestream #87: Taking Care of Business

It's an "odds & sods" episode of the Livestream, where we knock off a couple of items which had been on our "to-do" list for some time, note a couple of key new updates to ComicBase, then take care of your questions before heading down to the bar to kick back with a cold one. Join us at 4pm for the fun!

Pro Tips for Shipping Comics

One of the best features in ComicBase is that it make it really easy to sell your comics on Atomic Avenue. But once those orders start rolling in, it’ll be up to you to pack your books so that they get to their new home in the same condition they left yours. With this video, we show off some helpful tips to make the shipping process a breeze.