LIVE Wednesday at 4pm Central!

ComicBase Livestream #42: Hulk Out!

It's the ComicBase Livestream, where we'll be talking about the big changes to Atomic Avenue and selling online, sharing the latest ComicBase and industry news, and answering your questions live. Join us at 4 for all the fun!

ComicBase Archive: Now with Over 700,000 Covers!

ComicBase Archive Edition now comes with over 700,000 covers. Big thanks to our entire ComicBase Team and our users who have contributed to this amazing achievement.

Introducing ComicBase 2021 (and ComicBase 4K Archive Edition!)

This brand new ComicBase 2021 is here! -- packed with information on almost 900,000 comics, fully-updated pricing, and improved collection-management features and reports to let you more easily track your collection and its value.

We're also introducing the new ComicBase 4K Archive Edition, featuring tens of thousands of covers upgraded to full 4K Ultra-High Definition resolution, as well as the ability to download new and upgraded covers every week in up to 4K resolution.

Check out the What's New page to find out everything that's new--and get your copy today!

ComicBase Livestream #41: Eponymous

For our 41st Livestream, we're going back to the basics, talking ComicBase and Atomic Avenue news, sharing secret tips, obsessing over the latest industry shakeups, and answering as many of your questions about all things comics and ComicBase as we can possibly fit in. See you there!

ComicBase Livestream #40: New Powers for ComicBase Mobile

Introducing a big rev to ComicBase Mobile -- ComicBase's Pete Bickford takes you on a tour of the new app and lets you in on how to unleash it's best new feature. We'll also be updating you on all the other comings and goings with ComicBase, and answering your questions live!

ComicBase Livestream #38: Can We Fix It? Yes We Can!

ComicBase goes full Geek Squad as we share our favorite tips to solve the computer problems we've seen our users run into, but which aren't actually ComicBase problems as such.

Whether it's glacial file searches, anti-virus woes, internet errors, or anything else: we'll try to lead you through the most common problems our techs have helped customers deal with, and help you find help when your computer's making you crazy.

ComicBase Livestream #37: All Questions Livestream

It's your questions, and us doing our best to answer them in this special "all questions" livestream! Got something that puzzles, intrigues, frustrates, or tickles your fancy in the world of ComicBase, comic collecting, or life in general? Ask it here!

ComicBase Livestream #36: The Snowbound Livestream!

Schools are closed, roads are impassable, and we're getting ready to LiveStream! Join ComicBase creator Pete Bickford as we talk all the latest behind-the-scenes news with ComicBase (and answer your questions) from our frosty fortress of solitude, out in the snowbound wastes of Franklin, Tennessee!

ComicBase Livestream #35: Time to Update

Join ComicBase's Pete Bickford as we talk about moving up, moving over, and moving on when it comes to the technology in your life.

We'll be talking about the technology you're using that's soon to be headed for the great recycling bin in the sky--as well as how to most easily move ComicBase to a new machine, and how to choose a new machine that'll make ComicBase sing.

And as always, we'll be answering your questions live!